Monday, July 22, 2019

A little sewing today, plus new kitten antics

     Hope you have air conditioning or a place to go with AC. It’s been terribly hot in Connecticut... saw 101 on the car thermometer a couple days ago. That’s just not nice. Usually we’ll see 80-85 and call it hot. I am lucky in that I have central air conditioning that I’ve had set on 75 for a week or more. Once it gets to the desired temperature it does pretty well maintaining it. Since I am often sitting at the computer or sewing machine that is plenty cool for me. I think the cats would like cooler, but I run the thermostat. 😸

     I am so enjoying my new kitten, Rory. He is a pleasant soul, and is getting along with my 1 year old Maine Coon, Walnut. They were a little standoffish the first day or so. Now, Walnut is being very patient with kitten antics. The two older cats are still undecided and avoiding the kitten whenever possible. They’ll get over it. And just wait till Walnut’s brother comes home in a month or so!

     My only sewing today was this month’s block from a local shop, the Yankee Quilter in Seymour, CT. I joined their block of the month program for the year. They showed the finished quilt, right up front. Programs I have done in Maine and New Hampshire often were a mystery until the end, so this was nice seeing what you are making ahead of the monetary commitment that a bed quilt is.

     Today’s block has the 54-40 or Fight unit as part of the block. The pattern included paper templates to make this with, but as I have every quilting ruler/template ever made, I had the right ones.


I used some Omnigrid Glow Line Tape to mark the size pieces I needed to cut (yellow). This made cutting nice and easy, with no mistakes. Sometimes triangles can be tricky to get the angles right. The other pieces were squares and rectangles so quickly cut. It went together beautifully, and I like the finished block.
     Not sewn together yet, but all there.

     I’m making plans of what I want to do as regular posts (weekly, monthly, ?). If you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see, such as tutorials, finishes, original patterns, etc., please leave me a comment. Anyone that had started on the 101 Patchwork Patterns blocks with me two(!?) years ago, I am gearing up to continue. I haven’t found the blocks I had made, so I’ve started over using 30's prints. I’ll post a page with updated photos when they are done and I’m ready to move forward with new blocks. In the meantime, if you are interested in starting the quilt, click the 101 Patchwork Patterns tab just under the page header. The quilt is a medallion style layout and block 1 is a larger center block. The rest of the patterns posted are all the same size and make up the first round of blocks surrounding the center. There is an Electric Quilt drawing of the planned quilt layout you can check out, too.

    As always, thanks for stopping by. 

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