Thursday, November 30, 2017

Quiltville Mystery Starts

Hello everyone,

Sorry to have been missing for so long. I've had ongoing back problems since 2007 and spent this year to date going downhill. After having four different procedures every other week for the last two months I've decided it's not going to get any better than this. So I'm not going to wait to feel better any more. I am using the Quiltville Mystery, "On Ringo Lake,"  to get back in the game.
En Provence

I did make the 2016 En Provence mystery and showed the quilt at my guild show in October.  It was fun to see it hanging. When you are making a quilt you have pieces in front of you and you don't get the full effect. Nor does it look the same when it is spread out on a bed. 

This year's mystery, On Ringo Lake, started the day after Thanksgiving with the first step. We had received guidance on color and yardage before Thanksgiving. To make it easier to choose fabric, Bonnie shares paint chips to use as a guide.

(All posts relating to the mystery quilt are linked from here:

These are the colors that Bonnie suggested, pulled from the wonderful photo she took of Ringo Lake. I am working from my stash of reproduction fat quarters and half yards. My husband, who passed away last year, gave me fabric as a monthly anniversary gift for the 16 years we were married. So I had a lot of fat quarters that worked well last year. The only issue this year is I have plenty of neutrals and chocolate brown, but no teal or coral. So I decided to do my own color palette based on a package of fat quarters that I just received, called Jamestown from Windham Fabrics.

I am using purple for teal, yellow for coral, and green for brown. I have completed the first week's clue, right before the next one comes out tomorrow.

I have Bonnie's Essential Triangle Tool and have purchased the recommended Simple Folded Corners ruler for this year. These are not required and techniques for making the units of the quilt without the rulers will be covered. But, Bonnie uses the mystery quilt as a teaching tool, and will show how to do things quicker and more accurately, using these tools. Why not give it a try? Both are available directly from and other quilting sources.

I am very excited to be doing this quilt again this year. I like using the fabric that Mark gave me, and remembering him as I sew. If I can keep up and take each week to do the clues I'll be very happy. I have some other projects that I've been poking at that I'll share as I work on them, too.

Don't forget to visit and see all of the completed week one blocks that are linked. It looks like most people are using the recommended colors, but there are some different ones.

I plan to get going on the Ruby McKim 101 Patchwork Patterns quilt again, but maybe not till the new year. This is a busy time for everyone with Christmas coming. Thanks for stopping by!