Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My January Challenge and A Touch of Snow Blog Hop Winners

I was chosen as the January Challenge for Henry Glass Fabrics. They shared a fabric line called Pretty as a Pansy and I commented how I liked it. A couple emails later and they sent me a package of the fabric. It is very nice feeling cotton, with a smooth finish and a nice hand. They included 2 of a panel from the line so I thought I should use it. I already had a design started that would use a panel so I started off strong.

Then I tripped over Nosey. Remember Nosey from my last post? The 19 pound stray that must be part Maine Coon, from his size. I was coming out of the bathroom just off my kitchen and tripped over him. I landed flat on the floor. Both knees were bruised, the back of my left hand hit the door frame, and I don't know what my right hand/wrist hit, but I know I flung it out trying to stop the fall. Anyway, I'm not even a month out of the brace on my right wrist so this didn't do me any good. I couldn't do much for a week or so. And I didn't get to the photographer with the quilt, but I will. This is the top before any quilting was done.

On to better things, Marian of Seams To Be Sew announced the winners from our blog hop yesterday. She sent emails to the following lucky people:
Carol M.
Carolyn S.
Kathleen G.
Susan S.
So check your email if your name is here and see what you've won!

I am off to a long weekend sewing retreat tomorrow and plan to do a couple blocks for the 101 Patchwork Patterns quilt. One of the guilds I belong to is going to the Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunk, Maine. Hope everyone gets time to sew!