Thursday, July 4, 2019

Pumpkins 2

Well, I'm a little earlier posting tonight - it's still July 3rd! (Well, it was when I started typing). I had a quiet day at home today until late afternoon. I had some landscaping done back a month ago and the bushes all need watering every other day.  My sister has been coming to do the dragging of the hose from place to place all month. Friday will be the last time, based on the landscaper telling us to water every other day for a month. So, unless it gets really hot and dry going forward I think all the bushes have made it. But once here, we went out to get a bite for supper.

Walnut, sharing the wealth of fur. I mean, really, look at that tail!

You would think I could have sewn all day but I have allowed the cat fur to take over the house. I have central air conditioning, and central vacuum, so not all that tough to fix. Slightly sad tonight when I realized I'm missing the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, fireworks for the first time in 16 years. We lived in a house right near downtown and could sit on the back porch and watch the fireworks over the South Mill Pond. Mark would also go out on New Year's Eve but I did that one from the living room. So, I moved home to Connecticut  about a year ago and Mark died 3 years ago. Hard to believe how fast time flies!

Today's sewing included 4 more small 5" pumpkins. These were made with multiple flying geese. I tried to assort the prints evenly among the flying geese. I've had a short supply of orange prints but received more in the mail today. Plenty of opportunity to use the new ones!

They look more like pumpkins once they were all sewn together and the bottom corners added. I'm having fun playing with these blocks. More, larger pumpkins tomorrow. Or maybe I'll do something else for a day. Lots of projects and fabric to choose from. 

Thanks for stopping by to see me,
Happy Independence Day!


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