Thursday, July 18, 2019

Merry Mini Sew Along and new kitten!

Hello everyone,

     Sorry I wandered off again, not posting. Not that I was doing anything exciting! I actually adopted a new kitten on Wednesday. It was a 1.5 hour drive to the opposite side of the state, literally NW to SE, to pick up Rory! He is a 12 week old orange Maine Coon kitten from the same breeder as Walnut. They have no parents in common, just the cattery. Jeanne at Marikoons is so nice, and her cats are wonderful. I have never known such a loving cat as Walnut. And Rory seems to be heading in the same direction. Right now, he's a bit overwhelmed by the adults. But he'll gain confidence by the day.

     He is just a bundle of fun, busy playing all the time. Then he sleeps hard, and gets up running. Anyone who's adopted a kitten knows how everything is brand new and so interesting!

     He was keeping me company while I sewed today. He looks so little compared to my other big kitties. He is a pure bred Maine Coon so he'll gain size fast.

     I haven't been sewing for a couple days, the first trying to kitten proof the house, and then yesterday driving down there and back. Today was mostly a day of rest and letting the kitten explore his new home. I'm so blessed to have these big, gentle cats.

     I did manage to sew blocks 2 and 3 for the Fat Quarter Shop Merry Mini block of the month that they are doing on their blog. I have a small number of Christmas fat quarters that are the "non-traditional" modern Christmas colors. I thought these would make this a cute little table topper or wall quilt. (The thin borders shown aren't fabric, they are photoshopped.)

     I'm trying to get the nerve to list my ongoing unfinished projects. I have several right now that are blocks of the month, and several that are follow along in a book, and one I actually go to a local shop for. I'm doing the Saturday Sampler at the Yankee Quilter ( in Seymour, CT, and you have to attend either the Friday or Saturday meeting each month to get the next block free. It's a really nice bed quilt in purple and green batiks. I'm enjoying doing the blocks and look forward to a new quilt for my guest bedroom.

     I have a baby shower gift to finish up this weekend that didn't quite make it for the shower last Saturday. I need border fabric and it will be done. I am going to add a couple home made stuffed toys as apologies for being late with the main gift. More in the next couple days as I get it finished.

   Hope everyone has good plans for the weekend, and has time to sew.
                                                       Take care,

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