Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A quick post

     It is later than I thought, so this will be a short post. I also did not get much done today, as expected. I have been very sore from yesterday's procedure so the recliner and I got reacquainted. I did go out to check on a delivery, only to find 3 tabletops from Ikea. I spotted them on the Ikea website over the weekend that the table tops I want were $8.99. The adjustable legs cost $15.00 each, but oh well, I really want the adjustable ones. The legs came yesterday, sufficiently padded. The table tops today were not.
 The corner of the box was the first warning that all was not well.
     Upon looking inside through the convenient hole torn in the corner of the box, I spot 3 damaged tabletops. These are particle board so that won't sand out. These are a nice size for a workspace next to a machine. The adjustable legs allow you to raise the table to a comfortable cutting height. I'll be contacting them tomorrow to find out how to get this fixed. If I read the fine print correctly, it looks like I'm out the $9.99 delivery charge no matter what. Oh well, next time I will drive to New Haven, CT, where the nearest store is.

     I did sew a bit towards the early evening. Neglected to get a photo of the blocks in process, but they should be finished tomorrow. What I did accomplish today was to serge the cut edges and wash half of the fabric here:
     These are piles of fat quarters and a few half yards that I got all washed. I like to serge the cut edges so they don't ravel in the wash. Plus, I get to play with the serger while fondling fabric. Washing takes out the insecticides and other chemicals that are added to fabric during production. I prefer to wash, then iron with old-fashioned mix with water liquid starch. I use a Faultless Liquid Starch  because it is unscented, and mix in a spray bottle, 1/3 starch to 2/3 warm water. Works great and you can make the fabric as stiff as desired by doing multiple layers. By not ironing directly on the wet starch solution you don't get flaking. Win-win!

     I usually:     1. Spray the front, iron the back. 
                         2. Spray the back, iron the front. 
                             Repeat steps 1 and 2 for a firmer hand. 

     I looked up at one point and saw ears sticking up from the longarm... That would be Walnut in his hammock!

     Isn't this a pretty selvedge? This is a fabric from Cotton & Steel called Rifle Paper Co., Les Fleurs.

     I'll try to remember to count how many fat quarters were in the piles. It makes a pretty display!

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  1. Wow, you take a lot of time washing and ironing your fabrics. I just dont have the patience but maybe I'll try it on a new project snd see how it goes. Glad to see you are "back".