Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Studio Plans and My favorite tools

     Today’s suggested blog post is to share my favorite tools. I will, but first I want to share my studio plans. I neglected to say that I am going to put a 20’ x 45’ studio addition onto my home. The process of approval has taken months, and we’re stalled at needing a septic system test with 6-8” of snow on the ground. Oh well, I guess we’ll start in the spring.

     My #1 favorite tool is the purple thang. Since it is made of plastic it doesn’t break things if you sew onto it. I sew with it in my right hand while I guide pieces under their needle with my left hand. It can also be used for poking out corners and things like that.

     My second favorite thing is the Famore Cutlery EZ Stitch Snip with micro serrated blades. I keep a pair handy by each of my machines. They are perfect for clipping threads, but also work good for trimming fabric from small areas, such as in a machine embroidery design. Serrated blades assist in precision cutting. They are on sale from Famore direct for $15.00 a pair. See (No affiliation or compensation.)

   My third best notion is Aurifil thread. I buy basic colors in large cones. The smaller spools are great for colors that won’t be used a lot. I do like to do machine embroidery with cotton thread sometimes, as an alternative to shiny poly embroidery thread.

   Please stop by tomorrow to see what I’ve been working on. The suggested topic is first project. I think I can put my hands on the first quilt I made... I know I’ve seen it since I moved. I’ll also show some current projects, as I’m always working on more than one!

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