Saturday, December 14, 2019

Favorite Color and Least Favorite Color

For the suggested topic of your favorite color... super easy for me to answer: BLUE! In all shades and tints. My least favorite color is black, I think. My quilts tend to be fairly colorful. But I’m going to pull a bunch of finished projects and check my color usage. The photo above is an original design that I created for a guild block of the month project.

My pattern tester did it in alternate colors, seen below. This color palette gives the quilt a southwestern feel.
Other quilts I’ve finished that contain blue... and have photos:
This is a sampler I designed and made as a block of the month another year. The blocks are all a 9-patch grid, and are each made in three different sizes.
Here’s a simple pattern, made with jelly rolls and white background fabric. The colors are typical 30’s so this is a clear medium blue. It definitely stands out in the photo. I made this one long to fit an extra long twin bed.

Sorry I don’t have photos of more projects. I also don’t have access to most of my quilts. When we add on my studio next spring it will definitely a storage closet with shelves for finished quilts. I’m also planning on lots of stash storage.

Guess that’s all for now. I’ll be back with some stash photos later today.