Wednesday, July 13, 2016

101 Patchwork Patterns Block 6

It's been a warm several days here on the seacoast of New Hampshire. We may even reach into the nineties on Friday. It's a good time to stay inside with air conditioning and sew. I continue to try and spend at least an hour a day at my machine. It doesn't always happen but I'm trying. There's always so many interesting things to do with your spare time. I hope you get time to sew.

Here is the next block pattern, called Maple Leaf. This block has half square triangle units, which we've made in blocks 3 through 5. I did not take photos of those this time. The interesting step for this block is the stem. It could be appliqued on top of a background square. I've chosen to piece it and I see in the photo I didn't get it quite centered. Oh well!

After cutting one of the background 3-7/8" squares in half diagonally, I fold and press to get a center line mark on the cut edge. I have also folded the stem piece in half to mark it. Line up the centers and sew at a 1/4". Press towards the dark (my photo shows towards the light but I fixed it before sewing it into the block).

Repeat with the other half square triangle and last step's piece.

Sew a 1/4" seam along the stem and press. Because we've inserted a piece into the diagonal of the 3-7/8" square we need to trim it to a 3-1/2" square.

Place your ruler so that the 3-1/2" mark aligns with the middle of the stem shape. Before you cut, check that the lower left corner is more than 3-1/2" so there will be room to trim the other side (photo below).

Turn the fabric unit around and place the 3-1/2" mark at the corner, where indicated. Trim the right and upper edges, leaving you with a 3-1/2" square with the stem in the middle.

I sew with a fan blowing on the pressing board. I photographed this with the lower left corner flapping in the breeze, hence blurry. I couldn't have timed that if I wanted to! Now you can make your block using squares, half square triangle squares and the stem square.

Here's how the quilt is coming. One more block and we're half way through the first round. I like medallion style projects because you can assemble them as you go. 

If you've made any of the blocks so far, please share them on Facebook. I'd love to see what you are making!


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