Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Art Deco Monogram U-W

This installment of Ruby Short McKim’s Art Deco Monogram Font is U to W. There is only one more week to go for the full alphabet. Oddly, this one was published out of order in the original newspaper so I had to hunt for it. The paragraph is hard to read but it talks of painting a coffee can and decorating it with a monogram and maybe stripes for a Christmas gift. It was published the 25th of October.

Click here to download a pdf version.

I’m working on the 101 Patchwork Patterns blocks and a layout for the quilt. The schedule is one block per week, usually on Wednesday, from May through December. I plan to use traditional thirties fabrics for my sample but it would look great in anything. It will be a medallion style with narrow solid borders between rounds to make the measurements fit. I’ve also varied the size of the blocks in the rounds so that we aren’t cutting wonky sized pieces as much as possible.

I have an original catalog from McKim Studios from 1931-32. It is fascinating to look though it and see the quilt patterns, embroidery designs, and general sewing projects. Everything from stuffed toys to aprons and other clothing is included. Here is a page of pre-cut quilt kits – check out the prices!

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