Tuesday, June 14, 2016

101 Patchwork Patterns - Block 2

Today I am sharing block 2 of the 101 Patchwork Patterns quilt we are making. I was late starting so I may do a couple blocks a week for a bit since they start out fairly easy. Today we are making a double 9 patch block. This block can be made in difference ways.
This is what I think of when I hear the name Double Nine Patch, where each colored patch of the block is replaced with a nine patch. Ruby's version is a bit simpler.

This is a quick and easy block to make. I probably should have started with this rather than Burgoyne Quilt block last week. It wasn't hard, as much as it was large and involved. Oh well, on to this one.

1. Make small center Nine Patch Unit:
I always lay out my pieces before I sew. If you look close you can see I chain pieced these and the connecting threads have been cut. I sew the left and center squares together for each row. Then remove the piece from the machine and starting at the top, add the right square to each row. Cut the threads connecting the rows, and sew the rows together. 

2. Make block:
Repeat the process used to make the small nine patch and construct the block.

Here is where we are at on the quilt.  Please contact me if you have any questions. I'd love feedback on whether the photos are helpful or if you just follow the written pattern? 

I'm going to write the border instructions soon so that you can be working on it. I've drawn it using one color but it would look great done in scraps from each of the blocks as we go along. The border contains 80 zigzag blocks and 4 corner blocks.

Have a great week,

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